The Original World's Worst Novel
To cure boredom and intrigue minds alike... it seems to work.

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Welcome to the World's Worst Novel...

... well, what's left of it anyway. What used to be a source for entertainment and for the realization of life has now become something much less intriguing to the mind and more random useless clicking of links. The World's Worst Novel has become a storage place of sorts, but just because it's that doesn't mean that there's not something to be found here. Who knows, maybe you'll find the thing you were looking for. ^^-b

A History

The World's Worst Novel started out back in the old days from the musings of a kid with really just too much time on his hands. Under the disguise as a Buddy Profile (much to the dislike of others), it was a place where muses moved in their own free will, thought up their own stupid ideas, and wandered around the depths of the profile and did what they pleased.

It wasn't long before I found myself holding something in my hands that had infinite possibilities, and soon began to expand into the fearful territory that was "The World Wide Web." The muses, many afraid of this new strange territory, opted not to go, and sadly, many of them fell into the doom that was "inactiveness of profile" that ultimately led to their demise. The few that went, however, found the road to be a tough one.

With the territory of the internet also came the hardships of finding a niche. It was, perhaps, something that couldn' t be conquered that fast. Settling in places that in a normal world were filled with ads and other stupid things, it began to be a hopeless experience into the depths of an ad-filled world. All hope lost, it seemed like the expedition would soon end, until hope appeared in the world of scanlation. Now, a niche has been found, and those few muses that went to find a greater good in life are happy once again, living in an unending world that is "The Waffle House."

The Muses

Number 1
The original muse had no name, but was something to let out mindlessly stupid questions out. Anybody that knows me well enough (or has seen some of my notes for various classes) will have seen my stick-figure interpretation of him throughout my notes.

Created from the shear boredom of having nothing to do over one summer, Howie was created to express the more "analytical" side of me, as often seen around taking the form of anything I write, espeically when it's something that requires more than 2 brain cells to think. With the creation of my Xanga so long ago, he's moved out over there.

Number 2
After creating Number 1, I found out that he, as a muse, was misunderstood and needed somebody to talk to. After careful consideration, Number 2 was created. He's Number 1's opposite, a "banter partner" so to say. If you think about it, they're like a manzai team.

A more blunt muse, Shiho made everything more realistic. She's wandered through a few places since the Infinite Profile died, and even crashed here when WordPress was up, but now she's at Blogspot, being blunt and sarcastic as usual. The "Original 4" were what guided WWN to what it has become now, and even though they've all moved out, this place keeps them all together.

Just some random things created out of boredom.